Pennsylvania man arrested after fighting with cops over anti-Biden gas pump stickers

Most Americans have likely seen the “I did that” stickers featuring President Joe Biden affixed to gas pumps across the country, a mocking reference to the fact that Biden’s domestic energy policies have caused a substantial surge in the price of gasoline since he first took office.

Now a Pennsylvania man has been arrested and faces multiple charges after being caught placing those stickers on gas pumps, Breitbart reported.

It must be noted that the man was not arrested for the stickers themselves, but rather for his reaction after the gas station manager asked him to stop doing so and his physical resistance once police officers arrived on the scene to deal with the reported disturbance.

String of charges

According to Lancaster Online, a man from Manor Township, 54-year-old Thomas Richard Glazewski, has been charged with criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, harassment, and resisting arrest, and will face a preliminary court hearing on those charges on April 26.

The incident at the Turkey Hill gas station in East Hempfield Township actually occurred on March 31 and was caught on camera and posted to social media, where it quickly went viral, by a Facebook user named Aaron Phillips.

One of the videos showed an irate Glazewski claiming credit for placing the anti-Biden stickers on the gas pump when confronted by police, only to then attempt to charge past the officer and enter the store, though he was stopped short when the officer tackled and wrestled and cuffed the man in the middle of the parking lot.

Bigger problems

The Lancaster Online outlet noted that an employee of the Turkey Hill station claimed that Glazewski had used clear coat or some other sort of protectant to make the stickers much harder to remove from the pumps, something that likely precipitated the initial conflict between the man and the gas station.

Penn Live Patriot-News reported that the police had initially sought to calm Glazewski but had little success in that regard as the man appeared to grow even angrier and let loose a string of expletives toward the officers.

Then he made his ill-advised attempt to run back into the gas station and, for a moment, tried to fight off the officer who tackled him. Eyewitness reports further indicated that Glazewski continued to resist and struggle against the officers as they attempted to place him in a squad car.

Stickers are accurate

To be sure, the anti-Biden “I did that” are a rather humorous reminder — though likely not viewed as being so funny by Biden’s diminishing number of supporters — that the president and his policies, while not wholly responsible, do indeed play a substantial role in the multiple and varied reasons for historically high gas prices.

That said, affixing those stickers to gas pumps, no matter how justified one might feel in doing so, is not worth arguing with gas station employees over, much less fighting with police and getting arrested and charged with criminal offenses.

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