Arrest warrant issued for former president of Brazil

A corrupt politician is finally being brought to justice.

On Thursday, an arrest warrant was issued for former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Comeback Thwarted

DaSilva was trying to mount a comeback to his political career.

While he was in office, DaSilva was very popular.

That popularity no doubt influenced the former president to throw his name in the hat for October’s elections.

When the judge issued the warrant, however, his comeback has pretty much been put on ice.

The Crime

According to reports, daSilva was trading political influence for a beachfront apartment.

While daSilva had appealed the conviction, the verdict was upheld in January.

Some believe daSilva was railroaded due to the speed in which the new warrant was issued.

There were some “technical difficulties” during the appeals process, but Judge Moro shot them right down.

Moro called the difficulties, “a pathology that should be eliminated from the judicial world.”

That seems like an odd statement to come from someone that is charged with handing out justice.

Hot Temperature

The political temperature in Brazil is seemingly mimicking the same climate we are facing here in the United States.

Much like Trump has his ardent supporters and mortal enemies, so does Lula.

In fact, at the Lula Institute, a fight broke out when the warrant was announced between a heckler and devout Lula fan.

Fall from Grace

At one point, Lula had an approval rating of more than 80 percent, unheard of in politics.

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Former President Obama once referred to daSilva as the “most popular politician on earth.”

As is obvious from the altercation, and while he still has his supporters, the public no longer feels the same way about the disgraced politician.

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