Sarah Sanders predicts possible arrest for James Comey

If James Comey was watching MSNBC’s “Meet the Press” this weekend, it was doubtful he had much of an appetite afterward.

Sarah Sanders, while appearing on “Meet the Press,” stated she fully expects those involved in this Russia probe hoax to be held accountable, as does President Trump.

Investigating the Investigators

Now that the Mueller investigation is finally over, Americans want those responsible for conducting the fake investigation to be held responsible.

What facts at the time seemed so damning that a special counsel needed to be convened to investigate?

After two years and more than $30 million, Americans want answers.

Attorney General William Barr is hoping to provide those answers, as three investigations are now looking at different aspects of the beginnings of the probe.

Holding Comey Accountable

We know people like Comey and Brennan were disappointed Trump won the election, but would they really break their oath of office to engage in a coup against the President of the United States?

We know Comey himself leaked classified information to the media. We know Comey included the Steele dossier to secure FISA warrants.

We also know Comey penned a memo stating that former CIA director John Brennan was the one that wanted the crown materials included in the initial intelligence assessment given to Trump.

Crown materials, but the way, refers to the intelligence information related to sources from the UK, of which the Steele dossier was a part of.

The media tried to paint a picture of the investigation being over before it started, but Sanders put Chuck Todd right in his place. She told him the President is leaving everything entirely up to the Attorney General, wherever the facts may lead him.

Based on what we have seen so far, the facts should wind up with Comey, at the very least, in an orange jumpsuit and with any luck, his buddy Brennan will join him soon after.

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