Leftist Hollywood actress Patricia Arquette signals approval of alleged FBI search of Barron Trump’s bedroom

Former President Donald Trump recently claimed that the FBI, while conducting its unprecedented and controversial raid of his Mar-a-Lago residence last month, even searched his 16-year-old son Barron’s bedroom while hunting for allegedly classified documents and other presidential records.

That is perfectly fine in the view of Trump’s haters on the left, such as Hollywood actress Patricia Arquette, who seemed to imply in a tweet that Barron’s bedroom was fair game, along with former first lady Melania Trump’s underwear drawer, for the FBI to search for alleged missing documents, the Daily Wire reported.

Barron and Melania are fair game, anti-Trumper says

In a tweet posted in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Arquette wrote, “The FBI can and should look in Barron’s room and Melanie’s underwear drawer and any and everywhere else.”

“Trump and his lawyers lied about turning over ALL records. Why does he want elitist privileges?” she added along with the hashtag “#DontDoTheCrimeIfYouCantDoTheTime.”

FBI allegedly searched belongings of Barron and Melania for Trump documents

Arquette’s tweet was obviously in response to Trump’s new claim in recent days that his son Barron’s bedroom had been ransacked by the FBI agents who conducted the search of the former president’s Florida residence in early August, which expanded upon his initial assertion in the immediate aftermath of the raid that Melania’s closet and drawers had also been searched.

The Washington Examiner reported that, during a Saturday rally in Pennsylvania, Trump denounced the seemingly politically motivated FBI raid and told the boisterously booing crowd, “They rifled through the first lady’s closet, drawers, and everything else.”

And even did a deep and ugly search of the room of my 16-year-old son,” he continued to even more booing, “leaving everything they touched in far different condition than it was when they started.”

How come Hunter Biden’s bedroom hasn’t been raided and searched?

Trump reiterated those accusations in a post to his Truth Social platform on Monday and compared the alleged poor treatment of his wife and son with the FBI’s apparent hands-off approach to even investigating, much less raiding and searching, the erstwhile adult son of President Joe Biden, Hunter, despite ample evidence of alleged crimes.

“So they riffled through the living quarters of my 16 year old son, Barron, and the loved and respected former First Lady of the United States, Melania, but, despite proven high crimes and treason, and just plain common theft, all pointed out in the Laptop from Hell (and elsewhere), they never Raided or Broke Into the house of Hunter Biden or, perhaps even more importantly, the house of Joe Biden — A treasure trove! This is a Country that’s unfair and broken. We are truly a Nation in Decline!!!” Trump wrote.

Sadly, despite the prior general consensus that the minor children of politicians were off-limits to abuse and criticism — to say nothing of FBI raids — while adult children were fair game, that premise was flipped on its head in recent years as young Barron has been viciously targeted for attacks while Hunter continues to skate behind the protection of the thoroughly aligned Democratic and media establishment.

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