Arkansas Supreme Court justice, husband call it quits after 8 years of marriage

A popular Arkansas Supreme Court Justice and her husband are calling it quits on their marriage.

On Thursday, lawyer John Goodson filed for divorce from his wife Justice Courtney Goodson, citing “general indignities of the nature and extent that render the marriage intolerable,” which is the most commonly cited reason for divorce under Arkansas law.

The couple separated as of Jan. 17, according to the divorce filing.

Second divorce

Courtney Goodson was previously married to lawyer Mark Henry, whose parents were friends of former President Bill Clinton.

Henry was her campaign manager, and Clinton supported her campaign.

But just a month after winning the election, Henry filed for divorce and won primary custody of their three children.

Critics questioned support

The Arkansas justice has often been criticized for receiving significant financial support from some very powerful attorneys in the state, including her husband.

Little more than a year after her divorce from Henry, Courtney married John Goodson — who, along with his law firm and several other law firms, had been a major donor to her campaign.

All together, Goodson, his law firm, and several other out-of-state law firms donated over $140,000 to her 2010 campaign.

Goodman also gave her gifts, and by the end of 2010, he had given her $99,000 worth of trips, jewelry, bags, and clothing, according to financial disclosure statements she filed in January 2011.

Nonetheless, Justice Goodson won re-election to the court easily last year.

Justice Goodson has maintained throughout that she has avoided any conflicts throughout her career and has recused herself from cases where she had connections with the lawyers.

As of this writing, Justice Goodson has not responded to the wording of the divorce petition filed by her husband.

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