Arkansas mayor resigns for personal reasons months after election victory

In a stunning move, an Arkansas mayor has resigned his post only months after winning the election.

Allen Simmons, the mayor of Junction City, submitted a letter of resignation on Jan. 26.

That letter was accepted by the city council on Jan. 28 and an interim mayor has been appointed.

No Election

Simmons, who was previously a city council member for 17 years, had just won re-election in November after having served for two and a half years as mayor.

Since Simmons’ term just began, many expected a new election to be held to fill the position of mayor of Junction City. But that’s not the route the local government chose to go.

Rather than “waste” money on a new election, the council voted to appoint an interim mayor that would serve Simmons’ entire term. And as a so-called “second-class city,” it is reportedly well within its rights to do so.

Appointed Mayor Steve Williams will now hold the position until the next election in 2022.

Former Mayor Simmons did not release a statement, nor was he available for comment about the sudden resignation.

The only word given was by Williams, who said that Simmons “had lots going on.”

New Leader

The newly appointed mayor was formerly the local Ward 3 council representative.

He had served in that position for a decade before being appointed mayor.

But with Williams now the mayor, his seat on the council had to be filled.

Richard McDonald was appointed to take Williams’ position as the Ward 3 seat in what was reportedly a unanimous vote.

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