Arkansas legislature to vote on measure condemning ‘sham’ impeachment

The Arkansas Legislative Council will vote next Friday on whether to condemn the Democrat-led U.S. House of Representatives for its actions in impeaching President Donald Trump, Breitbart reports.

Republicans in the Arkansas state Senate announced the resolution Friday morning as a way to show their displeasure with the Democrats’ conduct over recent months, including the decision to pass two articles of impeachment and to then withhold those articles from the U.S. Senate where Trump is likely to be acquitted.

“On behalf of my entire Republican Senate Caucus, I filed this resolution today to encourage the United States Senate to act as quickly as possible within their full constitutional authority regarding the impeachment process and to condemn the actions of some members of the House of Representatives for passing and holding articles of impeachment against President Donald J Trump,” Arkansas State Sen. Missy Irvin said.

“The partisan games being played in the halls of Congress are hurting the people of Arkansas and this country,” she continued.

Impeachment a “sham”

In Arkansas, the Legislative Council is the body that takes action on official business during times when the rest of the legislature is not in session, which is presently the case.

The resolution noted that the impeachment articles “fail to rise to the constitutional requirement of high crimes and misdemeanors and, for the first time in history, cite no alleged violation of federal law.”

It also stated that impeachment has taken legislators’ attention away from the other urgent business of the American people, a fact which deserves condemnation as well.

The four Republicans representing Arkansas in Congress, all of whom voted against impeachment, are praised in the language of the resolution.

Both U.S. senators from Arkansas are Republicans and are expected to vote to acquit the president in the Senate trial.

Strengthening resolve

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) recently tweeted to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) his thoughts on impeachment in general and her delay strategy in particular.

A GOP Senate source from outside Arkansas told Breitbart News that the resolution in that state would help strengthen the resolve of senators to fight impeachment when the matter finally reaches the upper chamber.

“Not that Republican Senators need political cover to end the impeachment sham, but this is a good reminder that the base is 100 percent behind Trump and the politics are on our side,” the source affirmed.

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