Arizona Supreme Court takes away in-state tuition from Dreamers

It would appear as though our country is finally turning down the right road when it comes to immigration reform.

Arizona just announced DACA recipients will no longer receive in-state tuition rates.


Ever since former President Obama signed the unconstitutional legislation, conservatives have been waiting for someone, anyone to hold undocumented immigrants accountable for their actions.

A great start is happening in Arizona.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich stated, “My role as AG is to make sure you’re following the law.”

By stripping in-state benefits from the “Dreamers,” tuition will significantly increase for these students.

At Arizona State, tuition will rise from $10,640 to $26,470.

At Maricopa Community College, tuition will rise from $86 per credit hour to $241.

Fighting Back

Groups supporting DACA amnesty are literally losing their minds over this ruling.

They continue to take the stance that these individuals are coming here for a better life and this goes against everything America stands for.

What they seem to forget, though, is Dreamers should not be here in the first place.

Furthermore, they should definitely not be getting benefits that come out of hardworking American taxpayer dollars.

With Arizona holding one of the larger DACA populations, the amount of money saved by the state for revoking this benefit will be monstrous.

Now that Arizona has set the precedent, more states should follow suit and do the same.

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But, this is only the beginning.

Medical benefits, entitlement programs… everything needs to be taken away from these people for one simple fact: They are here illegally.

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