Arizona sheriff reveals what illegal immigrants tell border patrol after entering America

March 5, 2023
Robert Ayers

Mark Lamb, the sheriff of Pinal County Arizona, just revealed that illegal immigrants tell U.S. Border Patrol that they come to America because President Joe Biden said they could. 

Lamb made the revelation during a hearing that was held last week before the Homeland Security Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. The title of the hearing was, "Every state is a border state: examining Secretary Mayorkas' border crisis."

Lamb was one of several individuals who spoke at the hearing.

According to Lamb, Pinal County is located about 55 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border. Lamb described Pinal County not as a border county but as "a pass-through community, saying that "a high percentage of the drug and human smuggling plaguing our country must come through my county. ."

Biden's permission

It was during his testimony before the committee that Lamb revealed what illegal immigrants tell Border Patrol when asked why they come to America.

"When we ask people why they came here, they said, ‘Because Joe Biden said we could.’ And this is the reality of what we deal with every day," Lamb said.

Lamb argued that "clearly" the Biden administration's policies, therefore, are playing a large role in facilitating the southern border crisis.

"Our biggest frustration stems from being told by this Administration and the Media that there is not a crisis at our southern border, and the lie that our southern border is secure," Lamb said.

"Clearly, our statistics tell a different story, and that story is that the border is not secure," Lamb added.

The numbers

During the first three months of the 2023 Fiscal Year, which began in October, illegal immigration at the southern border was at record levels.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), according to the figures, had 717,660 illegal alien encounters during those months, and the country was on track to witness a record 2.87 million illegal alien encounters in the 2023 fiscal year.

It's not just illegal immigrants that are the problem, though. The problem is also that the Biden administration's open borders policies allow drug smuggling to continue.

According to Lamb, Pinal County has witnessed a 610% increase in fentanyl pill seizures over the past two years. Lamb said:

In 2018, we had zero seizures of fentanyl, and in 2019 we had around 700 pills. In 2020 we had over 200,000 pills. In 2021 we had over 1.2 million pills, and this last year we had over 1.4 million pills come into my community.

Lamb went on to explain how fentanyl poisoning has led to the death of many. And, Lamb made it clear that, in his view, the Biden administration is largely to blame.

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