Arizona Senate president highlights ‘misinformation’ in interview on election audit

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann (R) claims Maricopa County election officials are spreading “misinformation” about the 2020 presidential election. 

In an exclusive interview with The Western Journal, the Republican broke down what she intimated was evidence of potential voter fraud that was uncovered during a recent audit of the results backed by GOP members of the state legislature.

“Debunked already”

One of the things touched upon during a recent legislative hearing on the audit’s findings was the paper used for ballots last November. The auditors claimed ballots were printed on incorrect paper that allowed ink to bleed through, ostensibly invalidating a number of ballots.

As the auditors were presenting this finding, Maricopa County election officials took to Twitter to claim that “SharpieGate has been debunked already.”

“CLAIM: There was potential over-voting due to ink bleeding through ballots,” Maricopa County wrote. “FACTS: If bleed through happens, it does not cause an over-vote. [Elections] officials program certified tabulation equipment & design ballots [with] offset columns to ensure these ballots are counted accurately.”

Maricopa County added: “This accuracy is verified through logic and accuracy tests, hand counts performed by the political parties, and post-election audits performed by EAC certified voting testing laboratories. #SharpieGate has been debunked already.”


But Fann explained to The Western Journal that this is far from the case. In the interview, the Republican told the outlet that Maricopa County has made a number of “misstatements” about the paper used in the 2020 election.

One of those “misstatements” was that a “special kind of paper” was used that prevents ink “from seeping through on the other side.” Fann said that Maricopa County had made this claim on their website, but that it’s not true.

“Well, we know for a fact from the hearing last Thursday that there are a lot of ballots out there that they marked through, and images of them,” Fann told The Western Journal. “So clearly, that was misinformation when they said we only use four types of paper.”

“Cover any mistakes”

Fann also revealed that the Arizona Senate has received affidavits from poll workers indicating that no special paper was used. Instead, Fann said that according to the affidavits, when election officials ran out of paper, they simply sent someone to the nearest office supply store.

Fann concluded the interview by blasting Maricopa County officials for attempting to cover up potential mistakes made during the 2020 election.

“They’ve set up a Twitter account on social media, and working in concert with the liberal media, [they’re] trying to cover any mistakes that maybe they had made,” the state Senate president charged. “I don’t understand why they want to fight this out or do this, trying to defend themselves on a Twitter site, rather than just sit down with us and say, ‘Let’s go through this and see if we can find some explanations for you.’”

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