Arizona GOP formally requests documents on George Soros’ involvement in state’s elections

Democrats are taking over Arizona, and the GOP think things look a bit fishy.

To ensure that there was no illegal election meddling, the Arizona GOP has formally requested public records on the state’s Democratic Party, Tom Steyer, and — of course — George Soros. 

Election Meddling

While Soros has a primary residence in New York, it is no secret he has been trying to buy influence throughout the country with liberal initiatives.

It is well-documented that Soros and his organizations have spent millions of dollars to influence initiatives that would benefit his personal agenda of turning the United States into a socialist country.

Arizona is one of those targeted states due to the immigration problem in the state.

Soros would love to have its borders cracked open, then flood the state with illegal immigrants.

He, like many liberals, would also love to grant voting status to those very same illegal aliens to ensure Democrats hold the power in the state.

Taking Action

The recent domination by Democrats in elections in Arizona has the GOP concerned Soros may be doing a bit more than the law allows.

As such, attorneys for the GOP have asked for all records pertaining to George Soros and Tom Steyer regarding communications with Recorder Fontes and/or Recorder’s office personnel.

These documents are to include emails, memos, voicemail documentation, text messages, and calendar entries.

The GOP’s letter requesting the records was sent on Saturday.

According to the filing, the party expects this documentation to be turned over immediately, starting on Monday, and then on a rolling basis until all communications are handed over.

If Soros and Steyer are found to have acted inappropriately, it could finally spell the end of Soros.

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For years, conservatives have suspected him of tampering with elections and outright buying politicians to further his own agenda.

Now, he may have finally stuck his hand in the wrong cookie jar.

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