Arizona deploys troops to US-Mexico border

Times are definitely changing for the better in the good ole’ US of A.

Following Texas’ lead, Arizona sent over 200 members of the National Guard to its borders to help prevent undocumented immigrants from crossing the border.

Mattis to the Rescue

With border crossings happening at a alarming rate, something had to done and it needed to be done quickly.

Since state law enforcement and ICE were not able to handle the problem on their own, Secretary of Defense James Mattis jumped in.

Late last week, Mattis put his stamp of approval on using National Guard troops at all of our borders.

In all, at least 4,000 troops will be sent out to help control the immigration problem.

Texas First

Governor Abbott of Texas wasted little dispensing Texas National Guard members.

It was reported on Monday that the Republican governor had sent 250 Guard members to his borders.

New Mexico has also reportedly joined the fray.


While Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona have answered the President’s call to reinforce the border, not everyone is getting on board with the plan.

Oregon’s governor almost immediately said she would not get any troops involved.

Jerry Brown, the governor of California, also declined to answer the bell.

Brown has been a thorn in Trump’s side from day one, so it is no surprise the Democrat is refusing to secure his borders.

It is actually because of governors like Brown that Trump had to step in.

The President stated, “My administration has no choice but to act.”

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While liberals are crying foul, what Trump is doing is not unprecedented.

In fact, former President Obama sent Guard troops for border control during his administration.

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