Arizona Supreme Court agrees to hear GOP election case

Arizona is one of the several states where the reported outcome of the 2020 election is in dispute. Now one of the legal challenges to the supposed results is set to be considered by the state’s highest court.

According to the Washington Examiner, the Arizona Supreme Court has agreed to take up an appeal filed by Dr. Kelli Ward, chair of the state’s Republican Party, after a lower court had dismissed her lawsuit alleging mail-in ballot irregularities last week.

The lawsuit stems from the findings of a sample review of 100 mail-in ballot envelopes and 100 duplicate or reconstructed mail-in ballots that uncovered “errors” that appeared to take votes away from President Donald Trump and give them to Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

It remains unclear, however, if those errors, extrapolated across the entirety of all mail-in ballots received in Arizona’s election, would be sufficient to overturn the reported results. As of now, Biden is winning the state and its 11 Electoral College votes by slightly more than 10,000 votes.

No oral arguments in expedited case

Local media outlet KTAR reported that following the dismissal of Ward’s lawsuit in a Maricopa County Superior Court, the party chair filed an appeal Friday with the Arizona Supreme Court.

The high court announced Monday that it would take up the case, albeit without hearing oral arguments, and ordered both sides in the suit to quickly file abbreviated briefs to get the process moving.

Ward told the Examiner that the irregularities discovered in the sample review constituted evidence of fraud and supported her continued bid to challenge the reported results showing Biden as the winner of the state.

“This is good news because those media propagandists who say there’s no evidence of fraud can now shut up,” Ward told the outlet. “The bad news is, this looks like this election has been attempted to be stolen from President Trump.”

Also involved in Powell’s Dominion machines lawsuit

The Arizona Republic reported that Ward’s lawsuit follows at least six other election-related suits that have all been previously dismissed.

Ward’s suit seeks to block Arizona from awarding its Electoral College votes to Biden based on allegations of improper signature verification procedures for mail-in ballots as well as the so-called duplication process used to recreate ballots that tabulating machines are unable to read.

Ward is also reportedly a part of a separate lawsuit filed by pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell that alleged “massive election fraud” through the use of Dominion Voting Systems machines. Powell’s lawsuit seeks to temporarily suspend or decertify the state’s reported results until further investigation of the claims can be conducted.

There is no telling how either of those cases will turn out but one thing seems clear — she is fighting as hard as she can on behalf of the 74+ million voters who chose President Trump for another term and will not rest until all options have been exhausted.

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