Arguments From Dem Superlawyer could Help GOP Overturn Election

April 13, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The Republican nominee for attorney general in Arizona, Abe Hamadeh, who fell just 280 votes short of victory, could get help from a Democrat "superlawyer" to overturn the election, according to a state official.

The explanation comes in a report from Just the News.

The issue is that the Democrats' "go-to election" lawyer Marc Elias is fighting a case that could result in him getting "disenfranchised voters from the November 2022 election counted."

Hamadeh, on social media, said that could "upend the Arizona attorney general race."

"I look forward to working with [Marc Elias] and the team to ensure that democracy is honored," he stated.

In his case, Hamadeh is suing AG Kris Mayes "to ensure all votes were counted in their midterm election content," the report said.

But now, in a fight pending before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Elias is arguing that the cancellation of multiple voter registrations for a single voter across different counties could be "voter suppression."

Hamadeh's case is awaiting a decision now from the Mohave County Superior Court on a new trial. He filed the request after discovering that vote total discrepancies in Pinal County apparently were not brought to the attention of his legal team – or the judge – in the first round.

The report explains as that is pending, Elias could be helping Hamadeh by challenging the state's election integrity law.

The issue is an election security plan that was adopted in 2022, that, according to Elias' lawsuit, "violates the First Amendment's rights to free speech and association and the First and 14th Amendments' protections against undue burdens on the right to vote."

It calls for county recorders to cancel a voter's registration if they confirm the voter is registered in another county.

Elias claims that the law creates an "undue burden" on voting.

Arizona Assistant AG Jennifer Wright told Just the News the case against cancellation actually helps Hamadeh.

Wright said an audit of the 2020 presidential election in Arizona found that there were voters who registered to vote in multiple counties and voted in more than one county.

The result was some 9,000 provisional ballots were rejected during 2022, and Hamadeh estimates at least 1,200 were rejected incorrectly.

The report said, "Given that Hamadeh was just 280 votes short of victory in the attorney general's race and there are at least 1,200 provisional ballots that were cast by high-propensity voters, it is possible that if those are counted, he could win, Wright argues."

Wright said Elias' arguments "could now be used to get Abe into office."

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