Are Biden's demands of Israel 'detached from reality'?

 December 20, 2023

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Are Joe Biden's demands that Israel pull back in its campaign to destroy the Hamas terrorists who killed some 1,400 civilians in the launch of a war on Oct. 7 "detached from reality"?

That appears to be what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is saying.

Fox News reported he said in a video message this week that those who think his nation will "let up during its military campaign" are just that.

"We will not stop the fighting until all of the goals that we have set are achieved: The elimination of Hamas, the release of our hostages, and the removal of the threat from Gaza," he charged.

"We are attacking Hamas with fierce fire, everywhere, including today. We are also attacking their accomplices near and far. All Hamas terrorists, from the first to the last, are dead men walking," he said.

"They have only two possibilities: Surrender or die."

He said, "Whoever thinks that we will stop is detached from reality."

Biden has been caught in the middle of the Gaza violence. Leftists dislike his support for Israel, and others object to the subtle pressure he's applying, through his administration officials he's sent to tell Israel to pull back in certain situations.

The dispute has divided those who may support Biden in the 2024 election, and he needs to appease both factions to gain their support.

The Hill recently reported how dissatisfied Americans are with Biden's Hamas war agenda.

"The New York Times/Siena poll shows that just 33 percent of respondents approve of Biden’s Israel policy, compared to 57 percent disapproval. The results also highlight the massive divide in opinion among Americans on the best course of action in the conflict," the report said.

The split is with one-third of those who disapprove of Biden's actions saying the U.S. is too supportive of Israel, and nearly the same saying the same of Palestinians.

"Pressure has mounted on the Biden administration and Israel to implement a cease-fire in order to assist civilians in Gaza. Last week, just eight nations joined the U.S. and Israel in the United Nations to vote against a resolution calling for a cease-fire," the report said.

The report explained, "In recent weeks, the Biden administration has pressured the Israeli government to slow its military advance into southern Gaza in order to limit civilian casualties, though the country has shown few signs of heeding that advice."

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