House Oversight Republicans press National Archives for information on Hunter Biden foreign business deals during Obama presidency

A relatively underreported aspect of the talk about Hunter Biden’s dubious foreign business dealings and apparent influence peddling is that much of it occurred while his father, President Joe Biden, served as vice president in the White House of then-President Barack Obama.

Now, some House Republicans are demanding access to documents from the Obama administration that may shed light on what was known of those questionable dealings at the time and could reveal prior efforts to cover up or excuse wrongdoing, the Conservative Brief reported.

Specifically, Republican members of the House Oversight Committee, led by ranking member James Comer (R-KY), requested that the National Archives and Records Administration turn over all relevant documents and communications from the Obama years that pertain to Hunter Biden, Russia, or Ukraine.

Russian sanctions on Hunter Biden raise questions

The issue came to a head in mid-March when Russia, in response to harsh economic sanctions imposed by the U.S. and its allies over the invasion of Ukraine, issued its own set of countersanctions that notably included Hunter Biden along with several other current and former American politicians and government officials.

The inclusion of Hunter Biden on the Russian sanctions list prompted the Oversight Republicans to suggest in a dual set of letters that it was “the latest evidence that Hunter Biden has indeed engaged in business schemes with our adversaries” and that “Hunter Biden’s connections throughout the Russian sphere of influence have now become especially relevant in the fast-moving and developing Russian war in Ukraine.”

Those substantially similar letters were addressed to White House Counsel Dana Remus along with Archivist David Ferriero, though the letters differed in terms of what was requested by the committee members.

Letter to the National Archivist

“Given Hunter Biden’s foreign business relationships in Ukraine and Russia and the current international landscape, we are concerned about whether Hunter Biden continues to profit off his status as President Biden’s son as well as whether foreign adversaries may be attempting to exploit questionable business dealings,” the GOP members wrote in the letter to Ferriero. “NARA may possess documents relevant to this investigation from then-Vice President Biden’s tenure.”

That letter requested “all documents and communications” between Obama’s office or Biden’s office and any “members or associates” of Biden’s family that referred or related to Russia or Ukraine between the dates of January 2009 and January 2017.

It also asked for all relevant documents and communications from the president or vice president with regard to Russian oligarch Elena Baturina — who once gave Hunter Biden $3.5 million — and her late husband Yuri Luzhkov, the former mayor of Moscow during that same span of time.

Likewise, without any date specification, the letter asked for “all documents and communications in the custody of NARA referring or relating to Hunter Biden and Ukraine or Hunter Biden and Russia” as well as all documents and communications between then-VP Biden’s office and the State Department related to Hunter Biden and his business dealings in Russia or Ukraine.

Letter to the White House Counsel

As for the letter to White House Counsel Remus, it asked for all documents and communications from the current administration referring or related to Biden family members or associates as well as Russia or Ukraine.

Furthermore, it sought a list of all past and present foreign business dealings involving members of Biden’s family, all documents and communications about Hunter Biden’s “artwork,” and, finally, “All policies and procedures in place to ensure the Biden family does not profit from the presidency of Joe Biden.”

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