Biden’s approval rating reaches new low, worse than Trump at same point in 2017

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has been steadily declining in recent weeks, fueled in part by opposition to his chaotic troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In fact, his numbers in one poll are lower than former President Donald Trump at the same point in the previous administration. 

A troubling trend

There is no sign of immediate improvement for the president, either, with no concrete plans to address the various crises created or exacerbated under Biden’s leadership.

Rasmussen Reports found that Biden had 40% approval in its Daily Presidential Tracking Poll. That includes 21% who “strongly approve.”

On the other hand, 58% expressed disapproval, including a full 50% who said they “strongly disapprove.”

His numbers remained essentially unchanged as of Tuesday with a slight bump up to 41% approval.

Despite the mainstream media’s constate reporting on Trump’s historically low approval rating, Biden’s 41% is two points lower than his predecessor’s 43% as recorded on the same day in 2017.

Struggling across the board

Although Rasmussen’s gap between approval and disapproval was wider than in most other major polls, a common trend is evident across the board.

According to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Biden currently has a negative spread of -5.2 percentage points with approval and disapproval standing at 45.4% and 50.6%, respectively. That chasm marks the widest gap recorded since Biden took office in January. He first slipped underwater in the average last month.

The bad news continues to come for Biden and it could have a negative impact across the Democratic Party as next year’s midterm elections approach. He is clearly hoping to reverse the trend before then, but he has provided little evidence that his administration is up to the task.

Things have gotten so dire that a growing number of GOP lawmakers are calling for Biden to be impeached over his handling of issues like Afghanistan, COVID-19 vaccines, and the economy.

For his part, Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) argued: “Since January 20, 2021, Joe Biden has done nothing but launch our nation into a state of retrograde and increased vulnerability while thwarting the rule of law at every turn. He has failed miserably at his duties as Commander-in-Chief and violated his oath of office to defend the U.S. Constitution.”

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