Appeals court hearing charge that Willis lacked jurisdiction to bring case against Trump!

 May 2, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

One of the Democrats' "lawfare" cases against President Donald Trump, the Fulton County, Georgia, DA's claims he was involved in a criminal conspiracy for having opinions and expressing them after the 2020 election, has been one headache after another.

District Attorney Fani Willis was caught in a clear appearance of conflict because she gave more than $600,000 of taxpayer money to her paramour to work on the Trump case.

She essentially went to trial, and a judge ruled she could stay on the case, but the boyfriend had to go.

Willis also was subpoenaed in that boyfriend's divorce. And she's being reviewed by Congress for her use of federal grant cash. And she's been accused of racism. She's facing a state legislative investigation. She's accused of basing her case on an illegally recorded phone call. She's been charged with having an "aura of mendacity" around the whole prosecution.

And her permission to stay on the case is on appeal.

It's because there's an allegation she didn't, and doesn't, have any jurisdiction over the dispute; that state elections officials should have brought a case, if there was one to bring.

The new factor appeared in the case of Harrison Floyd, one of multiple co-defendants in the Trump case. He was a senior member of the Trump 2020 campaign.

He had, during the election season, some contact with Fulton County temporary election worker Ruby Freeman. He had offered, through an intermediary, to help her if she wanted. There were multiple allegations at the time of election misbehavior.

Floyd, targeted by Willis, turned himself in and was detained in jail for a week, eventually getting out on bond.

It is Floyd’s attorney, Chris Kachouroff, the report said, who raised the issue of jurisdiction.

He charges in court papers the responsibility for cases involving election-related violations rests with the state election board. Leaving it to local DAs, he has argued that if DAs can bring such cases, "nothing prevents multiple DAs from duplication or 'fragmentation of investigative activities' as they try to bring or decide not to bring, their own variants of what is essentially the same case."

The judge originally rejected his charge, but it now is pending at an appeals court.

Kachouroff also discovered that Willis tried to preemptively claim jurisdiction, essentially stating, "I’m the only one left standing, that can investigate this."

Further, Kachouroff explained in the report, "if the court of appeals or the Georgia Supreme Court were to rule in Floyd’s favor, it would mean Willis indicted the defendants without proper jurisdiction. Not only would that cause her entire case to crumble like a house of cards, but such a ruling would also remove her immunity. This would leave her and Fulton County vulnerable to a multimillion-dollar lawsuit for violating the civil rights of each of the defendants."

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