AOC blasted for ‘staged’ photos at border

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is doing everything she can to push her concentration camp narrative about border facilities.

After retweeting out “border” pictures, the freshman congresswoman was ripped on social media for pictures that looked staged and were done to seemingly suit her own narrative.

Posing for Publicity

According to the photographer that took the shots, the moment captured was AOC’s organic emotional response to seeing border facilities.

Most of social media did not see it that way, however.

Looking at the post, the bulk of the comments focused on how contrived the photos looked.

It is hard to argue with the fact the photos looked as if they were posed for and done to elicit support for AOC rather than the actual situation she pretends to care so much about.

Bigger Problems

In addition to the staging of the photographs, people were questioning the outfit worn by AOC.

You see, these photos were taken prior to AOC taking her seat, back when she claimed to be living on bartender wagers.

Yet, here is he is in what the amateur sleuths have deemed to be designer clothes, a $1,000 watch, and designer boots.

When you add those factors into the belief she was actually purposely posting for these photos, it is not a very good look for AOC.

Had that visit been about the kids, we would have seen pictures of the children, of the horrific conditions she pretends to be concerned about. Instead, we got a fashion shoot that would be worthy of Cosmopolitan.

Sorry, AOC, nobody is buying what you are selling.

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