AOC spotted on vacation in Florida as COVID rages in New York

New York City is currently experiencing a record-setting surge of new COVID-19 cases — but while her constituents suffer from sickness and harsh government restrictions, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was recently spotted enjoying herself on vacation in sunny and humid Miami Beach, Florida.

The blatant display of hypocrisy wasn’t too surprising to Fox News host Jimmy Failla, who said AOC is merely the latest example of Democratic politicians escaping — or ignoring — the strict pandemic mitigation protocols imposed by members of their party on the American people.

“Nothing about what AOC is doing surprises me, because nobody pushing these public health initiatives is adhering to any of them,” Failla said on Friday’s episode of Outnumbered, according to Fox.

“That is the part that has caused them to lose the locker room and taken us to the precipice of the place where Americans are fighting each other harder than we are fighting the pandemic,” he added. “It really is shameful.”

Credibility shot

According to Fox, Failla went on to call the move by the congresswoman “embarrassing.”

“It’s embarrassing because the headline everywhere in the country should be that deaths are down dramatically from this omicron variant. We should lead from a place of confidence with this variant,” he said. “Yes, it’s more contagious, but yes, deaths are way down.”

The Fox host added:

We’ve instilled such a sense of fear in people right now that where I’m from in New York, when you get on the subway right now people are more upset with the guy not wearing a mask than the guy who’s not wearing any pants. It is not supposed to work that way.

Caught red-handed

Ocasio-Cortez’s maskless and restriction-free vacation in Miami was first reported on by National Review, which obtained photos of the congresswoman and her boyfriend enjoying a drink in the warm sunshine outside a popular restaurant.

The foray was deemed noteworthy in light of the exceptionally harsh criticism Ocasio-Cortez aimed at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) after he was caught vacationing in Mexico with his family back in February, while most Texans were freezing in near-zero temperatures amid a historic winter storm that knocked out portions of the state’s power grid.

For weeks and even months afterward, the congresswoman hit the senator for having the gall to “abandon” his constituents amid a crisis and called on him to resign from office in shame.

Now, many Republicans can’t help but blast Ocasio-Cortez for doing the same by skipping off the Florida while New Yorkers are in a time of need. According to the New York Post, among those to criticize the congressman was former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, a Florida native who is now a Fox News contributor.

“So now @AOC is vacationing in my great home state of Florida — interesting!” McEnany wrote in a tweet. “I guess she enjoys the freedom-loving utopia of Florida over her mandate-ridden New York!”

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