AOC slams American capitalism during interview, says it’s not a ‘redeemable system’

As she dons designer clothing that most Americans can’t afford, along with luxury living present in nearly every aspect of her daily life, radical progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) recently tried to argue that American capitalism is not a “redeemable system for us.”

According to Fox News, the leftist made her ridiculous argument against the greatest economic system the world has ever witnessed in an interview with Yahoo Finance’s Andy Serwer on his Influencers weekly show.

The congresswoman, a former bartender and current member of Democratic Socialists of America, argued against the merits of capitalism in what was clearly an attempt to drum up engagement with her followers, who cling on to her every misguided word.

Not “redeemable”

AOC, who enjoys the fruits of American capitalism every single day, from her Starbucks coffee order to her $1200 iPhone, tried her best to appear as if she’s an economic expert in addition to her duties as an elected official.

“I believe that in a broad sense because when we toss out these big words, capitalism, socialism, they get sensationalized,” AOC told Serwer.

She added: “And people translate them into meaning things that perhaps they don’t mean. So to me, capitalism at its core, what we’re talking about when we talk about that, is the absolute pursuit of profit at all human, environmental, and social cost. That is what we’re really discussing.”

“They can control massive markets that they dictate and can capture governments. And they can essentially have power over the many. And to me that is not a redeemable system for us to be able to participate in for the prosperity and peace for the vast majority of people,” she continued.

In no part of the interview did she mention how American capitalism is essentially the sole reason why millions of foreigners each year show up at America’s borders hoping to get a chance at living the American Dream, which is only made possible because of our capitalistic system.

It gets worse

AOC went on to explain her vision of what our “system” should look like, or what she called “alternative ways of doing business,” which was nothing more than her radical progressive fantasy of what a socialist America would actually look like.

“You can have markets where businesses and ways of producing, trading, selling goods are really controlled and not just controlled but giving more power to workers,” the New York Democrat said.

She added: “People get a fair shake. Union jobs, unionized workplaces, all of these are different steps and levels that we’re talking about in a more just economy.”

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