AOC dispels ‘myth’ of Congress being an easy job

Poor Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)…

According to the millennial congresswoman, contrary to popular belief, Congress is NOT an easy job and she often sees members of Congress “on the brink of tears.”

If You Are Doing Your Job

Approval ratings for Congress are among the lowest they have ever been.

This is mostly because Americans believe members of Congress are NOT doing their jobs.

Rather than passing legislation to improve the country and help the American people, they are playing Inspector Gadget and going after Trump.

AOC disagrees with the majority though, saying the job of being in Congress is tough “if you’re really trying to get stuff done.”

Tough Life

Every member of Congress is paid handsomely. They make more than three times what the average American is bringing in these days.

That does not stop Representatives from whining about their difficult lives though.

AOC is no different, stating, “I do see members on the brink of tears quite often because of the time they’re missing from their kids, for the lack of sleep, or the unfair attacks and relentless pressure.”

Unfair attacks? House Democrats consistently call Trump and his supporters racists, yet they don’t expect Republicans to fire back at them?

AOC and most of her fellow members of Congress seem to forget they actually work for the people of this country, not the other way around.

Trust me, nobody is going to shed a tear over the sobbing of a member of Congress, especially in this day and age where they attack average Americans just as much as they attack Trump.

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