AOC Helping To Get Antifa Members Bailed From Jail

This is beyond disgusting…

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York has just pushed a fundraiser to help violent Antifa members get out of jail on bail. She’s doing everything in her power to get the thugs back on the streets after their violent outbursts.

Apparently, the Antifa members were arrested during a “Straight Pride” parade in Boston. There were 36 of them arrested total.

And let’s be very honest: These guys aren’t innocent.

According to a report by the BizPac Review, several of those arrested were charged with assault and battery on a police officer. Others were charged with assault by means of a dangerous weapon.

In her attempt to fundraise for the criminals, Ocasio Cortez even had the audacity to refer to them as: “activists who put themselves on the line protecting the Boston community…”

But in reality, a few of them were even banned from Boston for being a danger to the community.

A Judge ordered 3 out of the 36 arrested to “stay out of Boston”. According to the Boston Harald:

“Judge Thomas Horgan said the three risked being put in jail for 90 days if they didn’t follow his instructions. ‘Stay out of Boston,’ Horgan repeated when the attorney for one of the men asked that his client only be forbidden from downtown Boston so he could visit relatives in Jamaica Plain… ‘They’re going to have to go visit him, then,’ Horgan said.'”

If a judge thinks these people are too much of a threat to let back into Boston, exactly why does Ocasio-Cortez think they should be let out of jail?

This woman is literally calling these criminals Boston’s heroes while the city’s own officials are trying to ban them from the city.

AOC doesn’t care about the truth. She only cares about pushing her broken agenda. And by doing so, she has solidified and legitimized the tie between ANTIFA and the Democrat party.


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