AOC quit job at Coffee Shop over charges of sexism

Prior to running for office, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) worked as a bartender/server.

Even then, she drew attention for her stand on social issues. When one of AOC’s former bosses decided to hand out station assignments based on looks, she reportedly walked out the door.

Taking a Stand

According to reports, the Coffee Shop, an establishment in New York City that employed AOC had some interesting ways of doling out staff assignments.

In one instance, it was reported the manager at the time told all of the servers/bartenders to line up.

He then ranked them according to how attractive they were. The best-looking staff members were then given the best sections.

Even though AOC reportedly won the coveted #1 spot, she walked out the door anyway.

She was not about to work in an environment where sexism was the letter of the law.

Someone Different

AOC’s former co-workers support the story and AOC. They claim that even back then, the congresswoman was standing up for something more than herself.

AOC walking out was only the beginning of the problems for the now-closed Coffee Shop. In 2018, the restaurant closed its doors for good.

While former employees believe it was the “culture of persistent and overt objectification” that led to its downfall, management says something different.

As far as the managers are concerned, they say it was raising the minimum wage to $15 that led to their demise.

Based on what most servers make, that wage would have been an increase of about four times what servers are making elsewhere.

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