Antifa mob savagely mauls journalist

For a long time, the alarm has been raised about political violence; and it has taken too long for us to acknowledge it. Ever since President Donald Trump was elected, violent leftists have been assaulting and attacking people.

Yesterday in Portland Oregon, journalist Andy Ngo was savagely mauled and beaten by Antifa. At this time, Mr. Ngo has been hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage.

Antifa violence

Antifa is a violent leftist extremist group. In fact, they have become so violent they earned the label of domestic terrorists.

The Independent reports: “U.S. security officials have classified the left-wing group Antifa as ‘domestic terrorists,’ confidential documents have revealed.”

The label is well earned. Antifa uses a decentralized network that operates in cells, just like how Islamic terrorists operate.

Too long have they been able to thrive, and people are getting hurt because of it.

Reason reports:

Andy Ngo, a photojournalist and editor at Quillette, landed in the emergency room after a mob of antifa activists attacked him on the streets of Portland during a Saturday afternoon demonstration.

A literal mob of black-clothed, masked individuals surrounded him and beat him while throwing things at him. Police were nowhere to be found while this was happening. Video of the incident can be seen here.

No consequences

As can be seen in the videos, Mr. Ngo is surrounded and defenseless. Where were the police? This was a scheduled counterprotest, and yet there wasn’t an officer in sight in the videos.

So far, no arrests have been made in connection to Mr. Ngo’s assault. The perpetrators must be brought to justice, and the Portland police need to be held accountable.

In fact, days before these protests, the city of Portland found police policies to be lacking. Antifa being able to beat and maul people and face no consequences is proof of that.

Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization. They should be arrested, tried, and locked up for a very long time. Heads need to roll in the Portland police department as well for allowing this violence to occur.

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