Antifa descends on Oregon Capitol during right wing rally, situation quickly turns violent

Heavily armed Antifa rioters descended on the Oregon State Capitol of Salem leading to extensive violence and destruction of property, Fox News reported.

The Antifa rioters were reportedly at the Capitol in anticipation of a planned demonstration by right-wing groups. Inevitably the groups clashed, leading to three arrests and a host of violent videos and reports that shocked Americans. Right-wing demonstrators have been planning the “Freedom Rally” since February and yet the city of Salem still thought it was a good idea to allow a violent counter-protest by Antifa.

Nearly 100 black-clad rioters carrying firearms and bulletproof vests, bats, shields, and gas masks came out to the counter-protest. This recent riot and the following violence is yet another failure by Oregonian leadership to curb violence.

Antifa runs free

As Antifa attacked vehicles that passed the State Capitol, one truck had its windows smashed out and a tree branch rammed through the windshield. That tree branch that was rammed into the truck nearly struck a female passenger.

Other vehicles had rocks, balloons full of paint and other dangerous projectiles thrown at them.

This latest attack by Antifa has gone without response or any kind of condemnation from Democrats. Antifa runs free in Oregon and their lawlessness has only grown worse thanks to cowardly leadership.

Democrats have spent the last two months screeching about Trump supporters and the supposed threat that they pose to our way of life. The reality is that Antifa has been attacking Americans and spreading anarchy and Democrats have turned a blind eye to all of it.

Antifa must be stopped

A rioting #antifa militant was nearly run over by a truck at the Oregon state capitol in Salem. #Antifa have gathered there today with weapons. They’re throwing rocks at vehicles passing by. Police are not getting involved,” tweeted Andy Ngo, an independent journalist who has covered Antifa extensively.

Ngo’s comments were accompanied by video footage of the incident shedding some much-needed light on the reality of what Antifa is.

Innocent Americans are finding themselves threatened by rioters in masks and carrying weapons and police are doing nothing to help them. In fact, one man who pulled out a gun to defend himself found himself arrested while his assailants went free.

Democrats may not say it openly but they support Antifa and the vision that the group is propagating. Then-candidate Joe Biden even went as far as to say that Antifa was simply an “idea.” Well, that “idea” has nearly killed several Americans and injured hundreds.

When Trump supporters marched on the Capitol, it spawned weeks of condemnation and anger from Democrats. Antifa has repeatedly caused chaos and the silence is deafening.

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