Report: Antifa member indicted for 2019 attack against conservative journalist Andy Ngo

Over the past several years, conservative journalists have had to bear violence and extreme criticism while covering social justice riots, Antifa rallies, and other left-wing, notable news moments.

Nobody knows that terrible situation better than Andy Ngo, a conservative journalist who has been physically assaulted by radical leftists. However, according to Fox News, justice was finally served after a violent Antifa member was recently indicted for attacking Ngo two years ago. 

The Antifa thug who was indicted is John Colin Hacker, a reported member of the Portland, Oregon Antifa chapter.

Ngo has become well-known for his coverage of the violence and destruction caused by left-wing extremist groups like Antifa. It was while Ngo was filming Antifa in 2019 that he was brutally attacked by members of the leftist organization.

Grand jury indicts

The footage of the incident is easily found on social media, and it clearly shows a man trying to take a cellphone from Ngo inside of a gym. At one point, someone could be heard saying “I will break your (expletive) phone.”

The allegation made by Ngo is that he was attacked, and had his cellphone stolen from him.

In June 2020, Ngo filed a lawsuit against the Rose City Antifa chapter, and others, claiming he was assaulted. In the lawsuit, Ngo lists some of the many physical injuries that he endured at the hands of Antifa.

Now, a grand jury indicted Hacker in Multnomah County, which happened after it reviewed the evidence brought by Ngo. The evidence prompted the jury to issue one charge of third-degree robbery against Hacker.

Ngo celebrates indictment

Both Ngo and the group representing him, the Liberty Center, have put out statements celebrating the indictment of Hacker.

“Two years later, this is finally a step in the right direction for the rule of law in Portland, where Antifa has been operating with impunity,” Harmeet K. Dhillon, the CEO of the Liberty Center, said.

Dhillon went on to say that “this is a good start, but we’re hoping to see more of these actions.”

Ngo, in his own statement, echoed Dhillon, saying: “I hope last week’s indictment of Mr Hacker signals a change in the prosecutor’s office in Portland. For years, too many violent extremists falsely claiming to be fighting for ‘racial justice’ have gotten away with campaigns of terror and violence against journalists and citizens.”

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