In anticipation of presidential pardon, Hunter Biden given a 'green light to commit all the crimes' before father leaves office

 December 19, 2023

President Joe Biden has repeatedly said, and the White House has likewise reiterated, that he won't use his power of executive clemency to issue a pardon for his son Hunter Biden, who is facing mounting legal woes and possible time in federal prison.

Yet, not everyone believes Biden will refrain from pardoning his son eventually, and Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow thinks a pardon is inevitable and Hunter has been given "a green light to commit all the crimes between now and November."

The president's son has already been criminally indicted on federal gun and tax charges and could potentially also face prosecution if held in contempt of Congress for blatantly defying a House committee subpoena to testify in a deposition to instead hold a press conference in front of the Capitol building.

Hunter defied congressional subpoena for deposition, held Capitol press conference instead

Breitbart's Marlow appeared Monday on Fox Business with host Larry Kudlow and was asked for his thoughts on Hunter Biden's decision to skip the closed-door deposition for which he'd been subpoenaed and instead hold a controversial press conference.

"I don’t think he did himself anything good with the press conference -- which was in front of the Senate, by the way, not the House where he was supposed to show up to be deposed," Kudlow said at one point. "But also as you noted in your column on this, Hunter now came out with a new standard, new goalpost.

"It's not only the father didn’t know about the business, or the father was not engaged in the business, now the father was not engaged in any financing measures of the business. We all know that not to be true. That's gonna be a big problem. Financing is the name of the game here," the host added.

Hunter given "a green light to commit all the crimes" in anticipation of father's pardon

"Yeah, so what the key moment of the whole press conference was Hunter saying my family was not financially involved or my father was not financially involved in my businesses. This is all code -- it means Joe was involved," Marlow said. "He just maybe didn’t get a direct check on certain things but we all know Hunter’s business model involves Joe. That explains the whole Burisma, where Joe is firing the prosecutor while Hunter is bagging a million bucks."

"Joe is keeping Hunter’s business associates off his sanctions list that is growing. Joe helping broker a deal with the Bank of China, while Hunter is cutting a deal with the equity company that is controlled by the Bank of China," he continued. "It all has to do with Joe. It is a matter of time before Hunter incriminates him."

Kudlow asked Marlow if he thought the Justice Department would actually prosecute a contempt of Congress referral, to which Marlow replied, "I don't know. I think Hunter is just gonna keep evading as long as he can. I think the House, it behooves them to do that, but if you look at it, Joe is just gonna pardon Hunter for everything."

"This is something that is really fascinating -- Hunter has a green light to commit all the crimes between now and November. Joe will pardon him after the election," he added.

President vows no pardon, but clemency may prove necessary to avoid prison

NBC News reported last week that despite the repeated insistence from President Biden and the White House that no clemency would be extended to benefit the president's troubled son, most Americans simply aren't buying that denial and even several elected Democrats have gone on record to preemptively express their disapproval and discouragement of a presidential pardon for Hunter Biden.

Such a pardon may prove necessary if the president's son is convicted of and sentenced for the criminal charges against him, which the Associated Press reported includes nine tax law violations, three of which are felonies, plus three firearms felonies which, if given the maximum punishments for each charge, could land him behind bars for decades.

There is also the legitimate possibility that Hunter could get hit with a contempt of Congress charge over his stunt last week in which he blatantly defied a lawful congressional subpoena to testify and instead trolled Republicans and federal investigators with his public press conference in front of the Capitol building, according to The Hill.

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