Anti-Trumper Kathy Griffin reveals surprising diagnosis

April 17, 2023
Robert Ayers

Kathy Griffin, the so-called comedian, just revealed that she has been dealing with an "extreme case" of PTSD, and it appears that former President Donald Trump might just possibly have something to do with Griffin's illness. 

The 62-year-old Griffin made the revelation in a video that she posted to TikTok last week.

In that video, Griffin says that she has been diagnosed with "complex PTSD," referring to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Griffin, in the video, begins:

Let's talk about PTSD. Never talked about it publicly. You can laugh or whatever, but I've been diagnosed with complex PTSD. They call it an extreme case.

Coincidence or not?

Griffin, in the video, goes on to reveal that PTSD began about five and a half years ago. "If any of you know my story, you'll understand that this really started for me about five and a half years ago. Wink," Griffin said.

If you do not know Griffin's story, Griffin is severely against former President Donald Trump. And, not only is she anti-Trump, but she has attempted to be anti-Trump in some of the most extreme ways possible.

As the Washington Examiner notes, about five and a half years ago was about the time that Griffin decided to take a photograph with a fake bloody and severed head - which clearly resembled Trump - and she posted the photograph on the internet.

It is unclear what response Griffin was looking to get from the photograph, but, for Griffin, it turned out to be a bad one. Many parted ways with her, including CNN, where Griffin had been co-hosting the channel's New Year's Eve special since 2007.

Griffin, in a 2022 interview, claimed, "I wasn’t canceled ... I was erased." And, apparently, she not only got "erased" but got "PTSD" as well - from Trump.

Griffin opens up

In her TikTok video, Griffin explains how difficult PTSD has been for her.

"During my attacks, I typically vomit quite a bit and often have to go to the ER just to get IV fluids," Griffin says.

It appears that the point of the video, overall, is to connect with other people who suffer similar problems with the hope that this will help all to better cope with such problems.

Griffin captioned the video, "I have lots of tools, but it is extremely intense. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. If you’re someone who also deals with this, I am sending you lots and lots of #love."

Overall, this appears to be another sad case of an individual being consumed by their own hatred for another human being. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that Griffin has learned anything from it. Her hatred of Trump still continues.

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