Laura Ingram says ‘anti-Trump delirium’ is pushing Democrats toward socialism

The economy continues to “boom” under Trump — exactly what Democrats don’t want to see. And it seems that they’re now determined to mess it up.

Amazingly, Democrats now have a more popular view of socialism than capitalism — and Fox host Laura Ingraham thinks she knows why.

Ingraham Bomb

During a recent show, Ingraham revealed some rather disturbing facts about the direction Democrats want to take this country.

Before President Trump took office, 56 percent of Democrats favored capitalism.

Since Trump took office, we have seen economic growth that is virtually unprecedented in this country.

One would think the economic boom would make people think even more positively about capitalism.

That is not what is happening, though.

Since there is a Republican in office, the script has flipped in how Democrats look at both socialism and capitalism.

Today, 57 percent of Democrats now view socialism positively.

In effect, the numbers have flipped since Trump took office.

And Ingraham says it’s all because of “anti-Trump delirium.”

Take a look:

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie

Most of this movement can be attributed to the popularity of Bernie Sanders.

While Sanders obviously lost the Democrat nomination, in what many think was a rigged race, he energized today’s youth to the “everything free” platform.

That ideology has taken hold, as was apparent in a recent race in New York.

Republican Joe Crowley shockingly lost to political newcomer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Ocasio-Cortez used the game plan laid out by Sanders in the 2016 presidential election — only this time it worked.

While Democrats continue to pitch this as the cure-all to the American people, they fail to recognize one simple fact — one that was not lost on Ingraham.

“Here’s an indisputable historical fact that eludes most college professors these days: there has never been a successful socialist government,” Ingraham said on her show.

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For proof, look no further than the recent failure of Venezuela, a country that is now looking to the United States for a bailout.

The “utopia” Democrats are promising does not exist — at least not in a socialist environment.

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