Anti-Trump protesters just surrounded the president’s golf course

Liberal lunacy knows no bounds.

Anti-Trump protesters swarmed Trump’s Turnberry Golf Resort on Saturday, putting his security team on high alert.


Liberals overseas are just as ill-informed as their liberal counterparts here in the United States.

Many of the protesters assembled were holding up signs about Trump being a racist.

Others were bashing Trump over the immigration narrative that has been misconstrued by the mainstream media here in the states.

Creative Protesting

Even though their protests were unfounded, they were rather creative.

At one location, the already infamous giant inflatable “Trump baby” balloon was on display.

Another protester decided to paraglide over the resort where the President and First Lady were staying, displaying an insulting banner. Police quickly arrested him for the dangerous stunt.

The largest crowd was at the “carnival of resistance” in Edinburgh, the Scottish capital city.

In all, police estimated roughly 10,000 people came out to protest Trump during his visit to Scotland.

Sadly, these protests will no doubt continue throughout the Trump presidency with absolutely no proof to support their claims.

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Unemployment among minorities is the lowest it has ever been and the President has been bending over backward to meet the demands of Democratic leadership.

Yet, the media portrays the man as a racist simply because he wants to maintain the borders of our country, exactly what the voters put him in office to do.

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