Anti-Trump doctor loses his job at Vanderbilt

Karma is the great equalizer and an anti-Trump doctor just got a taste of it.

Eugene Gu, in his third year of a 5-year residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, was informed his services would no longer be needed.

Blame It on Trump

Like many other liberals before him, Gu is blaming misfortune he created on President Trump.

If you take Gu’s word for it, the hospital did not like him being outspoken against Trump and fired him for that very reason.

“They don’t want that out there in the media,” Gu stated.

He added, “It’s troublesome to them, and so they punished me for it.”

In addition to his regular anti-Trump tweets, Gu also had participated in litigation against the President.

The litigation revolved around Trump blocking several individuals from his account.

The lawsuit ruled against the President and stated it was a violation of their First Amendment rights.

Gu stated he was shocked when Trump lifted the ban, stating, “I really couldn’t believe it because I didn’t think he would actually follow the judge’s order.”

Not So Fast

After Gu made his accusations against Vanderbilt public, the establishment was quick to set the record straight.

John Howser, a spokesperson for the hospital stated, “Dr. Gu’s repeated assertions that he was disciplined, or that his residency program contract was not renewed, because of his political or social views are simply untrue.”

He added, “Dr. Gu’s public opposition to President Trump, participation in litigation against President Trump and public advocacy against racism were not the bases for decisions relating to his continues participation in VUMC’s surgery residency program.”

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You see, it was not his public stance, but rather his actual performance that got him canned.

However, it would not be a surprise at all to see Gu suddenly become another poster child for liberals to rally behind.

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