Anti-Trump artist banned from Facebook

A woman who has been shredding MAGA hats to turn them into “hate” art is no longer allowed to post on Facebook.

Kate Kretz, who has been turning MAGA hats into KKK hoods and Nazi armbands, has had her Facebook account suspended.


Kretz is a Maryland-based artist. She uses Facebook to inform her followers of pieces for sale and upcoming shows. That was not the problem.

Facebook took exception to Kretz posting KKK hoods and Nazi armbands using repurposed MAGA hats.

After her first post was taken down for violating community standards, Kretz took a different approach. She reposted the KKK hood with a tagline saying it was NOT hate speech, but art to start a dialogue.

Facebook responded by permanently banning her account.

Free Speech or Hate Speech

Kretz may not see anything wrong with her posting, but she is part of the problem in this country right now.

By buying into the bogus narrative that Trump supporters are racists and Nazi sympathizers, she is only adding to the abuse Trump supporters suffer whenever they wear a MAGA hat.

She says it is not up to the wearer to define what is offensive. By that same token, it is not up to her to label MAGA hat wearers as Nazis.

Kretz is a bleeding-heart liberal taking aim at Trump and Trump supporters and this time, she went too far.

Sewing a MAGA hat into a KKK hood is NOT art, it does, however, promote hate against anyone wearing a MAGA hat.

Using Kretz’s own standard against her, Trump supporters find what she is doing offensive and we 100 percent support the removal of her account by Facebook.

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