Anti-Trump ‘CBS Evening News’ anchor canned

Americans are getting tired of the constant anti-Trump rhetoric in their daily news broadcasts.

CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley, however, did not get the message and has lost his job in the process.

The Anti-Trump Media

Partisan opinion has no place within the national evening news broadcast. While his competitors have attempted to stick to the facts, Pelley made it a habit to use his platform to attack Trump at any opportunity.

That approach, however, has landed him at the bottom of the rankings. Over the last year, almost 10 percent of viewership has abandoned CBS.

Even more damaging is the fact that in the key 25-54 demographic, viewership was down by 14 percent. That is a LOT of advertising money going right down the tubes.

In an effort to halt the slide, CBS recently announced Pelley will be moving on from the anchor desk.

The network is planning to slide Pelley into a more pronounced role with its 60 Minutes show.

Pelley is currently on assignment out of the country, so the network will allow him some time at the anchor desk to say goodbye to viewers before removing him completely from the broadcast.

Getting the Message

With all of the backlash against the media, you would think they would have learned their lesson by now. When it comes to their news, Americans want the facts, all the facts, so they can make up their own mind.

Neither liberal nor conservative commentary has any place on a mainstream media news broadcast, period. That is what shows like Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity are for.

This should serve as a wake-up call for individuals like Shep Smith on Fox News, who continually inject liberal commentary with the news.

With any luck, Smith will get the same treatment has Pelley and we will no longer be forced to hear his snide comments when he delivers the latest news.

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