Anti-gun group investigated for 'illegal' gun-buyback drive

 January 2, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A campaign to eliminate guns from one state is under investigation now, for apparently completing gun purchases during a door-to-door campaign, without completing the legally required background checks.

A social media statement posted by San Juan, New Mexico, County Sheriff Shane Ferrari confirmed the investigation into the group called New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence.

"Before it comes out in the media and gets twisted one way or another, I want to inform you that I am investigating San Juan County citizens' complaints that the 'New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence' gun buyback program not complying with New Mexico State Law 30-7-7.1 'Unlawful sale of a firearm without a background check,'" he said.

"Reviewing the law I do not see where they are exempt from having to undergo a background check and are required to like anyone else. A sale is taking place (gift cards $100 and up), it is advertised as a purchase and called a 'buy back.' Some may question the exemption 'to law enforcement' meaning if we (law enforcement) purchase the gun we don’t need a background check. This mainly covers law enforcement purchasing duty guns."

"If 'New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence' is going through law enforcement to purchase the unwanted firearms those must remain in that law enforcement agency's custody until they obtain a destruction order. Law enforcement can not immediately give someone (including a non-profit group) a firearm for destruction or other means. If that were the case, you could give your gun to law enforcement and they could give it to the San Juan County Wildlife Federation for educational purposes or anyone."

He said in his opinion, the organization is not following the law.

He said he's reached out to the anti-gunners and they referred him to Attorney General Torrez, who now is reviewing the possibility of criminal activity.

He said his investigation is continuing.

"Your right to possess a firearm is upheld in the 2nd Amendment," he said, explaining a person's right to sell property, too, is protected as long as the purchaser is legally qualified to own it.

report in the Western Journal said that a "buyback" program in Farmington was canceled over the unresolved questions about the legality of what was happening – the purchase, the possession, and even the destruction of weapons.

He also expressed doubts about such programs.

"Most guns purchased are junk, but the numbers look good on paper,” he wrote. “I don’t like my tax dollars being used to buy someone’s unwanted property or junk. You could have it destroyed yourself if you really don’t want it. Taxpayers [sic] shouldn’t pay for it."

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