Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain found dead at 61 from apparent suicide

Yet another famous celebrity that appeared to have the world by the tail has committed suicide.

Celebrity Chef, Anthony Bourdain, was found dead on Friday, reportedly from suicide.

The Early Days

Anthony Bourdain was just another chef, at least until he wrote a book.

His early days in the industry were filled with alcohol and drugs, which believe it or not, was very typical of the industry in those days.

By his own admission, he really wasn’t even very good at his job.

One of his most epic failures was as executive chef for New York restauranteur Pino Luongo.

Bourdain was working at one of Luongo’s flagship restaurants when he was given the opportunity to be the executive chef at Coco Teatro.

Not long after the opening of the restaurant, it became quite clear Bourdain, at least at that time, did not have what it took to be the leader of the kitchen.

Kitchen Confidential

While that particular position was a disaster, it may have actually been the best thing that ever happened to Bourdain.

After leaving Teatro, Bourdain penned “Kitchen Confidential.”

The book gave a very detailed look inside the inner workings of the restaurant industry.

Bourdain wrote the book to appeal to chefs, but it ended up being a crossover book that had mass appeal and turned him into a celebrity.

Mr. Bourdain would go on to host several well-known shows celebrating foods from around the world, most notably “No Reservations” and “Parts Unknown.”

The Battle

While on the outside Bourdain appeared to be successful, his demons finally caught up to him.

Known to battle bouts of depression and anxiety, he apparently succumbed and reportedly hung himself in his hotel room in France.

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The outpouring of condolences on Twitter even included President Trump, who stated, “I enjoyed his show. He was quite a character.”

Bourdain is survived by his daughter, Ariane.

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