Another teacher boasts of ‘indoctrinating’ students into gender ideology

A New Jersey teacher who has been giving her students lessons on gender ideology, posting videos of her instructions to them online, has bragged about “indoctrinating’ them.

Fox News featured a profile of Nairobi Colon, who has been recording videos of her 4th-grade students listening to and responding to, her lectures on “they/them” pronouns and more.

The videos have been appearing on TikTok.

The report explained Colon is an art teacher in the KIPP charter school system, specifically the Whittier Middle School in Camden, and has faced accusations she is “grooming” her students.

That’s not what’s happening, she said, however. What she is doing, she said in one of her videos, is “indoctrinating my students.”

According to the videos, the teacher asked, “What are my pronouns, y’all?” And they respond, “Them/them.”

Another video cited by Fox had Colon prompting a student to respond to a charge she was “grooming.”

“[Name redacted], do I have power over you?” she asked. “No. You could tell me something, but I don’t have to necessarily need to do it,” a student said.

The teacher’s use of the students was part of her efforts to convince video observers of her fairness.

“Somebody wants to know,” Colon said, “what happens when a student doesn’t respect or use your pronouns? So [name redacted]…, do students ever disrespect my pronouns?”

The 4th-grader said, ‘They don’t ever disrespect your pronouns.'”

She said, “And how do you feel about that, calling me teacher Robi, and how do you feel about my pronoun being they/them?”

A student said, “I feel good about your pronouns and I think you should accept yourself and don’t listen to the disrespect[t].”

Fox reported that Colon said in yet another video “pronouns have everything to do with academic education” and promotes “neo-pronouns” on TikTok.

She posted a diagram including “xe/xie,” “hir,” “xyr,” “eirs,” “verself” “eiself,” “perself,” and “xemself.”

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