‘Another smear campaign’: Biden snaps at reporter over question about son’s financial ties

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has faced renewed scrutiny in connection with his son’s foreign business ties in the wake of a bombshell report by the New York Post.

When a reporter asked the former vice president about the latest allegations, he snapped and refused to even acknowledge the basis of the question, as reported by Fox News.

The Post report alleges that Hunter Biden, who made big money from his overseas connections, used his father’s political influence to gain favor.

“Those are the questions you always ask”

Citing emails reportedly obtained from a discarded laptop computer, the article indicates that Joe Biden was more aware of and involved in his son’s dealings than he has previously acknowledged.

While he made it through a town hall event on Thursday without facing direct questions about the new claims, a reporter finally confronted him during an exchange on Friday evening.

“Mr. Biden, what is your response to the New York Post story about your son, sir?” asked CBS News reporter Bo Erickson.

Instead of offering any sort of direct explanation, however, Biden turned his attention toward Erickson.

“I know you’d ask it,” the nominee responded. “I have no response. It’s another smear campaign, right up your alley. Those are the questions you always ask.”

“Then went after me”

Erickson addressed the encounter by posting a video clip on Twitter, along with his own commentary.

The Biden campaign did respond to the latest development, claiming in a statement that even Senate Republicans agreed after an exhaustive probe “that Joe Biden carried out official U.S. policy toward Ukraine and engaged in no wrongdoing.”

Even as social media platforms attempted to diminish the reach of the original report, subsequent sources have provided additional credibility to its claims. In any case, the latest allegations represent bad news for Team Biden with just days left until the election — and voters are sure to demand a better response than an attack on the reporters asking important questions.

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