Another Democrat governor calls off his COVID mask mandate

Another Democrat politician has decided that backing away from his coronavirus restrictions is a politically expedient thing to do ahead of the upcoming elections.

The Daily Caller reports that Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) has suddenly decided to call off his coronavirus mask mandate. 

Sisolak explains

The Nevada governor announced his decision to end the mask mandate on social media Thursday. He did so in a lengthy Twitter thread.

“Given all of these updates and the tools we have, now is the appropriate time for me to announce that Nevada will rescind our mask mandate, effective immediately,” Sisolak wrote.

The “updates” that Sisolak referred to include the “rapid decline in case numbers” and hospitalizations. Sisolak noted that Nevada is currently witnessing about 1,280 cases per day and less than 800 hospitalizations.

The updates, according to Sisoalk, also include “a broader availability of testing,” “an increase in available treatments,” and the increase in the vaccination rate.

These are the reasons Sisolak claims that he called his mask mandate off. But, there’s likely a little more to the story.

Are you seeing the pattern?

It just so happens to be the case that Sisolak is up for reelection, and there is a very real possibility that he can lose. The Cook Political Report, for example, has deemed the race a “toss-up.”

We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not this is a coincidence or not. But, you may have noticed that Democrats across the country in recent weeks have been moving away from their coronavirus restrictions.

We have seen several Democrat-run states, such as Delaware, New York, and California, move away from their indoor mask mandates. In each case, the Democrat leaders have tried to make it clear that their decisions are based on the recent decline in coronavirus numbers, just as Sisolak did.

One can’t help but notice, however, that 2022 is a big-time election year, and it is being predicted that the Democrats are going to get clobbered.

Combine with this the fact that newly-released polls have found that Americans want to move on from the pandemic and you will start to see the big picture.

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