Another accuser emerges, says Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her

The clean, professional image of Judge Brett Kavanaugh just took another ding.

On Sunday, The New Yorker published a story alleging a second instance of sexual abuse by Brett Kavanaugh, this time, toward a former Yale classmate named Deborah Ramirez.

Party Boy

If we believe the tales being told, Kavanaugh was an out-of-control party boy that did nothing but expose himself during his high school and college years.

Ramirez’s story is one we would hardly expect about a SCOTUS nominee.

Even though it allegedly happened 35 years ago, it should show a huge flaw in Kavanaugh’s character, right?

The sad fact, though, is that Ramirez’s story isn’t quite as credible as you may have heard.

Virtually every person Ramirez named as a witness to the incident has denied that it occurred.

Some Best Friend

One of the most damning contradicting statements came from a woman that claimed to be one of Ramirez’s best friends at the time.

She stated they both shared very intimate details of their lives with each other.

However, Ramirez never told that story to her — nor was the woman at the party Ramirez described.

More for the Pot

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI), who has made it her mission to crush Kavanaugh’s confirmation, has already called this latest allegation “credible” — but she seems to be the only one buying it.

The New Yorker also claimed that at least two senators have launched their own investigations into the claim.

They both happen to be Democrats.

Kavanaugh, for his part, has completely denied the allegations and called it nothing more than a “smear” campaign against him.

Hopefully, he stands tall and continues to fight back.

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Simply put, he cannot allow Democrats to have their way and step down.

He absolutely must defend his name and, if he does that successfully, Trump will have his second SCOTUS appointment sitting on the bench.

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