Ann Coulter rips Trump over slow progress on border wall

Conservative personality Ann Coulter once stumped for Donald Trump on the campaign trail. But she flipped on Trump after becoming frustrated with his administration’s progress on immigration and the border wall.

On Friday, Coulter again opened fire on Trump over the slow progress on the border wall.

Twitter storm

Coulter’s latest criticism appears to have been triggered by the Trump administration’s Friday report that 100 miles of border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border have now been completed.

Coulter posted her own “daily updates” on the glacial progress of the border wall in her Twitter account. Her reports, however, are a bit misleading…

The real story

Coulter can whine about the progress being made, but we all know the real culprits here were the ineffective former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and an obstructionist current Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Ryan, for some reason, refused to push through legislation even though Republicans had control of both the House and the Senate. It was a dream scenario, and he completely dropped the ball.

Then, once Pelosi came into power in 2018, we knew we had no shot and had to rely on the courts to back executive orders by Trump for funding of the wall.  Even so, portions of the wall that were nothing more than fencing are now reinforced, which Coulter is not even accounting for in her tweets.

Secondly, the court cases are finally starting to play out and billions of dollars are being freed up to get the additional construction underway. This was an arduous process, but Coulter was not willing to allow it to play out to get results.

Everyone knew this was not going to be easy, but Trump is finally starting to see some wins and by the time election day rolls around, the newer portions of the wall will all be well underway.

Honestly, Coulter, who was the first one to predict Trump would win, now sounds like a lunatic for her impatience.

Trump has probably checked off more boxes for fulfilling promises made during the election than any president in recent history.

She should be showing more support and more patience, but she is now no better than the liberal horde looking to make headlines for fake news.

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