‘People are hurting’: Andrew Yang calls on Pelosi to take GOP’s deal on coronavirus relief

The GOP has offered Democrats a very generous $1.8 trillion package to provide Americans the relief they need as the coronavirus pandemic drags on — and yet again, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has declined it.

Now, however, the House speaker is facing a stunning backlash from some prominent members of her party — including former presidential hopeful Andrew Yang, who ordered Pelosi in a tweet over the weekend to finally put partisan politics aside and “take this deal,” the Daily Wire reported.

Time’s up, Pelosi

When Republicans first came to the table on another round of coronavirus relief, they put forth a “skinny” deal that was quickly laughed off by Nancy Pelosi and company. But the GOP didn’t cave.

After negotiations stalled, the House speaker offered to come down to $2.4 trillion, and later, $2.2 trillion, Politico reported — but her package was still slated to be loaded with excess spending, something Republicans were and are trying desperately to avoid.

As the GOP held firm on a deal with a price tag under $1 trillion, Pelosi continued to tout an all-or-nothing deal, refusing to even consider stand-alone legislation. Left with no other choice, Republicans came back to the drawing table with a massive $1.8 trillion package that already had the approval of President Donald Trump — but according to the Daily Wire, Pelosi turned it down again, much to the chagrin of many of her fellow Democrats (and Americans who need help now, not after Election Day).

Even former White House hopeful Andrew Yang has recognized the cost Pelosi’s stubbornness could have for Democrats down-ballot. And as the Daily Wire noted, he didn’t mince words in his tweet to Pelosi on Saturday.

Yang wrote:

Americans “can’t wait”

Of course, Yang is far from the only one who wants Pelosi to make a deal. Other moderate Democrats have expressed similar sentiments, putting more pressure on the House speaker to negotiate in good faith.

Even Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna, from Pelosi’s home state of California, has urged the speaker to make the deal. “People in need can’t wait until February,” he said recently, according to the Daily Wire. “1.8 trillion is significant [and] more than twice Obama stimulus.”

Pelosi, however, doesn’t seem willing to budge. “This proposal amounted to one step forward, two steps back,” she wrote in a letter to her Democrat colleagues last week.

It seems the American people will be waiting at least a little longer for the help they desperately need. Thanks for nothing, Pelosi.

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