‘He served our state well’: AZ Supreme Court Justice Andrew Gould announces retirement

Arizona Supreme Court Justice Andrew Gould announced that he will be retiring after four years on the state’s highest court.

Gould provided notice of his intention to Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, who appointed him to the court in 2016, AZ Central reported. 

“Commitment to helping Arizonans”

In a statement responding to the resignation, Ducey wrote: “Gould’s integrity, wide range of professional experience, and commitment to helping Arizonans made him an excellent fit for the Arizona Supreme Court. He served our state well.”

Along with the governor, supporters will remember Gould’s service on the court as a legacy of commitment to the law and fierce devotion to upholding the Constitution.

Chief Justice Robert Brutinel also offered praise for the outgoing justice’s record.

“The court has benefited from his wisdom, work ethic, collegiality and his commitment to the rule of law,” Brutinel wrote. “He will be missed by his colleagues on the court and we wish him the best in his retirement.”

Prior to joining the state Supreme Court, Gould had served in Arizona’s criminal justice system through various positions, including five years on the Arizona Court of Appeals, Divisions One.

“Continue serving the people of Arizona”

His record of service is impressive, as are the statements from his colleagues in response to his retirement.

The 57-year-old judge will clearly be missed, but he appears to be preparing to stay busy in the future, stating that he “plans to continue serving the people of Arizona” after he leaves the court.

Arizona remains a significant state in terms of national politics, with the recent election cycle placing it firmly in the category of swing states. It remains to be seen whether Gould’s future includes a bid for political office, but he would likely find plenty of ways to serve if he chooses that path.

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ) has announced her own retirement, representing a seat in next year’s midterm elections that the GOP will be eager to win. For his part, Gould identifies as a Republican and has steered clear of any significant controversy during his time as a judge.

Arizona is also set to gain one House seat and districts are being redrawn, which could pave the way for a familiar figure to throw his hat into the political ring.

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