Analysts warn China working on brain-control weapon

July 16, 2023
World Net Daily

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A new, 12-page assessment by multiple intelligence analysts is warning that China is working to create "neuro strike" weapons that would directly target brain function, offering a method of controlling government leaders or an entire population.

A recent report from the Washington Times cited the conclusions from, the "Enumerating, Targeting and Collapsing the Chinese Community Party's Neurostrike Program" report, of which it obtained a copy.

"The weapons can be used to directly attack or control brains using a microwave or other directed energy weapons in handheld guns or larger weapons firing electromagnetic beams," the report said.

That means, it said, "the danger of China‘s brain warfare weapons prior to or during a conflict is no longer theoretical."

The Times noted that the U.S. Commerce Department in December 2021 "imposed sanctions on China‘s Academy of Military Medical Sciences and 11 related entities the department said were using 'biotechnology processes to support Chinese military end-uses and end-users, to include purported brain-control weaponry.'"

But it noted few public studies or discussions have followed.

The possibility seems threatening, as the Times defined it, "Neurostrike is a military term defined as the engineered targeting of the brains of military personnel or civilians using non-kinetic technology. The goal is to impair thinking, reduce situational awareness, inflict long-term neurological damage, and cloud normal cognitive functions."

It cited the study from Ryan Clarke, of the East Asian Institute of the National University of Singapore; Xiaoxu Sean Lin, of Feitan College; and L.J. Eads, an artificial intelligence specialist in the U.S. intelligence community.

They warn China now considers such weaponry as a basic element of its "warfare strategy against the United States."

The report continued, "[China‘s] new landscape of neuro strike development includes using massively distributed human-computer interfaces to control entire populations as well as a range of weapons designed to cause cognitive damage."

And it suggested there are few limits.

"Any breakthrough in this research would provide unprecedented tools for the CCP to forcibly establish a new world order, which has been [Chinese President] Xi Jinping’s lifelong goal," it said.

The report speculates: "Imagine (at least partially) immunized PLA troops being inserted into geography where a specific weaponized bacterial strain has been released prior to their entry to prepare the ground and eliminate points of resistance. Any remaining sources of resistance on the ground are then dealt with through [Chinese] neuro strike weaponry that instills intense fear and/or other forms of cognitive incoherence resulting in inaction."

The solution, the report said, would be for the U.S. to proactively "sabotage critical supply chains of specific institutions or companies engaged in brain warfare research."

It pointed out that right now China doesn't have the industrial base required to produce large numbers of such weapons.

The Times noted the report concluded, "This fundamental gap presents a massive vulnerability for decapitating strikes against the neuro strike program provided that these gaps can be surfaced, and precision-targeted."

A comment in the Republic Brief said the People's Liberation Arm and the Chinese Communist Party seek to "control brain activity."

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