Ex-CNN analyst blasts former employer as ‘unabashedly left-wing network’

Along with many other mainstream media outlets, CNN has long been accused of promoting a progressive agenda in its ostensibly unbiased news coverage.

According to reports, however, a former political analyst for CNN is now speaking out against what she describes as “an unabashedly left-wing network.”

“She’s now pursuing a different career path”

Now serving as the editor-in-chief of the Washington Free Beacon, Johnson previously worked as a CNN analyst and a White House reporter for Politico.

In 2019, CNN confirmed that it would be parting ways with her following an announcement that she would be joining the Free Beacon.

“We signed her because, as [BuzzFeed] put it, ‘she was a top White House reporter’ who was ‘breaking significant news,'” the network stated at the time, according to Fox News. “She’s now pursuing a different career path and off that beat. Simple as that.”

Of course, Johnson offered a somewhat different take on the matter in her own statement, declaring: “CNN Has a right to tap or drop contributors at any point. … None of us is entitled to a contract renewal.”

During a recent podcast interview, she discussed her former employer in more detail, opining that it was the election of former President Donald Trump that caused the network to lose its claim of “plausible deniability” as an unbiased network.

“A partisan corporate flack”

According to Fox, Johnson asserted that during the Trump years, CNN’s coverage “became more political, more partisan, and that the mainstream makes fewer efforts…to conceal where it’s coming from.”

As for its ideological direction, she said that it is “a left-wing television network” that “makes no effort to include, like, intelligent counterarguments really on the air.”

She called out host Brian Stelter by name as “an embodiment” of the troubling trend she described, claiming: “I followed him really closely when he was writing at the New York Times doing fantastic reporting about what was happening on the Today show at NBC News. I read his book on the wars between the morning shows. … He was fantastic. Now he’s like, a partisan corporate flack in the guise of a reporter over at CNN covering — he covers right-wing media. That is what he does.

The conservative equivalent of CNN cannot easily exist, she argued, because of “major obstacles from the likes of Brian Stelter” as well as the “groupthink” that takes place across the mainstream media landscape.

While plenty of critics have long expressed their belief that CNN is little more than a propaganda machine for the Democratic Party, the insight of a former insider seems to bolster that perspective.

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