Analysis shows Hur's report on Biden 'even WORSE than we thought'

 February 9, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A commentator on social media has analyzed special counsel Robert Hur's report on Joe Biden, the report that said he probably committed federal crimes regarding the handling of classified material but no charges were recommended because of his diminishing mental capacities.

The report found that a jury likely would sympathize with an elderly man whose memory was failing so he probably wouldn't be convicted.

But the analysis of that report still continues, and a commentator on social media, who identifies himself as a lawyer who also writes on Substack, listed the problems Hur revealed:

Comments a Twitchy were headlined, "Techno Fog's DAMNING threat breaks down Robert Hur's Biden report and it's even WORSE than we thought."

The blast just continued, "HOOBOY, it was not good for President Watermelon Head. Oh sure, he won't be going to prison or anything BUT his cognitive failure can no longer be denied or ignored. We've known the stutter excuse was BS from the very beginning but now EVERYONE has to admit it."

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