Epstein Witness Reportedly Missing

He’s gone…

Investigators are scrambling to find a 72-year-old French modeling agent and scout who was allegedly involved in Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of teenage girls.

The French agent is named Jean-Luc Brunel. And as of right now, nobody knows where he is.

Fox News reports:

“Criminal charges against Jeffrey Epstein are set to be tossed after the disgraced financier’s shocking suicide behind bars earlier this month, but far from closing up shop, investigators worldwide are now switching the focus of the underage sex trafficking probe to hone in on Epstein’s friends and enablers — including a 72-year-old French modeling agent and scout.”

Fox laters goes onto state:

“Jean-Luc Brunel – whose whereabouts are unknown – has long denied his involvement with any wrongdoing stemming from his relationship with Epstein. But Brunel’s denials have been met with some skepticism, as Epstein accusers have previously alleged Brunel’s ‘scouting’ entailed procuring underage models for Epstein to abuse.”

Apparently, Brunel has long been the subject of controversy. In a book released by Michael Gross entitled Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women supposedly sheds light on some of the horrific deeds attributed to the “modeling agent”.

Another agent who was close to Brunel even went so far as to characterize him as “a danger”. But that’s where the details seem to end.

This investigation is far from over. Just because Jeffrey Epstein is dead doesn’t mean the people who worked with him will get away with it.

These predators are done. Finished. Either they’ll be caught, or they’ll spend the rest of their days hiding from the law.

Good. These monsters deserve no peace.

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