An elite Massachusetts school is caught dividing students by race

The left has claimed that the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools is a right-wing conspiracy. Here’s proof that it isn’t.

The Daily Caller reports that a school in Massachusetts has been caught separating young students into race-based “affinity groups.” 


The information for the Daily Caller’s report, in part, is based on a new report from the Parents Defending Education (PDE) group. And, PDE gets most of its information from the parents of students who attend schools where this stuff is taking place.

Previously, in October 2021, PDE filed a legal complaint alleging that Wellesley Public Schools, in Massachusetts, have “systemically and repeatedly violated students’ First and Fourteenth Amendment rights, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Massachusetts Students’ Freedom of Expression Law through the use of segregated ‘affinity groups’ and an onerous speech code featuring a ‘bias reporting’ program.”

In its new report, PDE identifies Milton Academy in Milton, Massachusetts, as one place where this segregation is taking place. Milton is described as “an elite day and boarding independent K-12 school.”

What’s going on? reports:

A Milton Academy parent told Parents Defending Education that parents were told to pick affinity groups for their children based on race in October 2021 and the groups are now being implemented. Students are being grouped by race as young as age five, according to the school’s website.

The outlet then quotes the Milton Academy website as stating, “The lower school offers a robust student affinity group program, scheduled during the school day, that seeks to engage all K–5 students in age-appropriate activities related to healthy identity development.”

“What’s an affinity group,” you may ask. Here’s Philip McAdoo, a consultant for Milton Academy:

The term affinity group is described as a bringing together of people who have something important in common, e.g. race, gender, profession, or special interests.

That’s little more than a longwinded way of saying that five-year-olds are being separated in classrooms by their race, gender, etc. McAdoo has even admitted that “most of the time” this segregation is strict, meaning that white kids go with white kids, black kids with black kids, and so forth.

Teaching racism, sexism, and the like

If this looks a lot like racism to you, it’s because that’s exactly what it is. This elite school is essentially teaching young children to distinguish themselves from others by nothing more than race.

The ironic thing here is that this is a method that is being advocated for by the same Critical Race Theory people who claim that America is fundamentally racist.

The answer to America’s purported racism is actual racism.

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