Amy Robach reveals losses of divorce from Andrew Shue

By Jen Krausz on
 January 3, 2024

It’s hard to see how the breakup of a marriage wouldn’t change a person in profound ways.

Former Good Morning America 3rd hour (GMA3) co-host Amy Robach took the occasion of the new year to reflect on her divorce from former Melrose Place star Andrew Shue and how, among other things in 2023, it changed her.

Robach explained on the Amy and T.J. Podcast, which she hosts with her boyfriend and former GMA3 cohost T.J. Holmes, that she was still happy after losing her marriage, her job, reputation, friends, and most of her possessions.

"I've learned in 2023 that you can lose your job, you can lose your reputation, you can lose friends, and you can lose most of your worldly possessions," she told Holmes during Tuesday’s podcast, ”and still be happy."

"Don't really know"

Holmes apparently didn’t know she had lost so many possessions, but Robach admitted, “There was a lot of selling going on.”

She also said about Shue, "I've learned you don't really know someone until you've divorced them."

Shue and Robach were married for 10 years until their divorce. She has two daughters from a previous marriage to former MLB player Tim McIntosh.

Robach and Holmes both lost their positions on GMA3 in late 2022 when their relationship was revealed to the public while both were still married to other people.

Ironically . . .

In January 2023, they were permanently fired from the show, even though as they later revealed, they were both separated from their spouses when they began dating.

"It was one of those things where everyone in my tight circle knew I was getting divorced" before her relationship with Holmes became public, she said.

Holmes’ divorce from wife Marilee was also finalized in 2023.

Ironically, Marilee and Shue are now dating each other, as the spouses knew each other socially before the separations and divorces.

Doesn’t miss “the grind”

It turns out she doesn’t so much miss the job at GMA3 either.

“I learned that I never want to go back to the grind of morning television,” she said on the podcast, adding that she “does not miss the job,” only the people she used to work with. And Holmes agreed.

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