McConnell challenger Amy McGrath flips on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation

Amy McGrath, a Democrat hoping to unseat Majority Leader Mitch McConnell from his spot in the Senate, has had her fair share of stumbles. Indeed, the lawmaker has made numerous unsuccessful runs for office in Kentucky — and now, she’s fixing to find herself in the same position yet again.

In what Hot Air described as a “rare double flip-flop” by McGrath, the Senate hopeful has changed course on her opinion of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, whom Democrats still want to remove from office; first, McGrath said in an interview that she would have likely voted to confirm Kavanaugh had she been a senator at the time of his confirmation. She later reversed that position after catching heat from the left.

That flip-flop was bad enough in and of itself, but Fox News reported that McGrath had been very outspoken in opposition to Kavanaugh’s nomination in 2018 — meaning she has now reversed herself twice on the position in a manner that could prove devastating to her credibility with voters on both sides of the political aisle.

Changing her mind

McGrath first spoke out against Kavanaugh in 2018 for not being aligned with her progressive positions on certain issues. She found the evidence-free and decades-old accusations of sexual misconduct lodged against him to be both “compelling” and “credible.”

But in an interview published Wednesday by the Louisville Courier-Journal in which McGrath pledged to be bipartisan if elected to the Senate by Kentuckians — the former Marine Corps fighter pilot struck a slightly different tone about the old accusations and suggested she would have voted to confirm Kavanaugh if she’d been in the Senate.

McGrath prefaced her remarks by admitting she hadn’t watched the entirety of the confirmation hearings and wasn’t an expert on the ins-and-outs of the law, but reiterated her “concerns” about Kavanaugh’s “far-right stances” on some issues.

“However, there was nothing in his record that I think would disqualify him in any way,” McGrath said. “And the fact is when you have the president and the Senate, this is our system and so I don’t think there was anything that would have disqualified him in my mind.”

Asked specifically if she would have voted to confirm him, McGrath replied: “You know, I think that with Judge Kavanaugh, yeah, I probably would have voted for him.”


But by Wednesday evening, apparently after catching flak from others on the left, McGrath issued a sort of apology and mea culpa on Twitter to reverse her position on Kavanaugh’s confirmation once again.

“I was asked earlier today about Judge Brett Kavanaugh and I answered based upon his qualifications to be on the Supreme Court. But upon further reflection and further understanding of his record, I would have voted no,” McGrath tweeted.

She went on:

Amy McGrath already had a tough road ahead of her trying to unseat Senate Majority Leader McConnell — and now, she’s made that road even rougher for herself. Who wants another wishy-washy politician?

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